UPN Veteran Jawa Timur, one of the universities in INDONESIA, is thrilled to announce the Global Language & Leadership Camp: Embracing Diversity & Sustainability, a transformative summer course for 2024. This unique program blends language immersion, global engagement, and the spirit of state defense to create an enriching experience for participants worldwide.


As a state defense university, UPN Veteran Jawa Timur, Indonesia, is dedicated to innovative educational approaches that combine scientific engagement with immersive experiences. This summer camp focuses on sustainable tourism development, inviting participants to explore uncharted territories and engage in firsthand experiences in supported villages. Participants will gain insights into tourism, local development, and agroindustry, fostering cultural exchange and global relationships.

Core Components:

  1. International Language Camp:
    • Structured classes, interactive workshops, and cultural activities.
    • Enhance linguistic proficiency for beginners and advanced learners.
  2. Global Engagement:
    • Explore sustainability, cultural diversity, and international cooperation.
    • Engage in discussions, collaborative projects, and interactive sessions.
  3. State Defense Spirit:
    • Learn about national security, resilience, and strategic defense planning.
    • Participate in seminars, simulations, and visits to relevant institutions.
  4. Diversity and Sustainability:
    • Explore cultural, environmental, and socio-economic dimensions of sustainable development.
    • Engage in experiential learning in villages and hands-on activities in agroindustry and eco-tourism.

Topics Covered:

  • State Defense Framework: Overview of state defense concepts, promoting state defense in sustainability, and UPN Veteran Jawa Timur’s contributions.
  • Sustainable Tourism: Principles and practices of sustainable tourism, case studies, and successful models.
  • Indonesian Language and Cultural Course: Linguistic bridge through Bahasa Indonesia, cultural diversity, and introduction to Javanese Karawitan.

Important Dates

May 20 – June 10Application Period
June 10 – 15Document Review
June 15 – 20Announcement of Acceptances
June 20 – 30Payment of Registration Fees
July 1Pre-departure Meeting
July 1 – 15Departure Preparations
July 21 – 28Summer Camp

Program Fees

  • Total Cost: Rp 6,000,000 (Approximately 375 USD)
  • Includes: Accommodation, meals, transportation, city tour, Bromo tour, and exclusive merchandise.

Schedule Highlights:

  • July 21: Arrival, Gala Dinner
  • July 22-25: Courses on sustainable tourism, state defense, village product management, agricultural tourism, and Indonesian language.
  • July 26: Bromo tour