Campus Facilities

Student Dormitory

This facility is only for female students. Located inside the area of UPN ‘‘Veteran’’ Jawa Timur, this dormitory is open for students of any year. However, due to the limited number of rooms, students from outside Surabaya/Indonesia, will be prioritized.

Technopark Building

Inaugurated by the Ministry of Defence, Purnomo Yugiantoro, in 2021, technopark building is built to showcase exceptional products of students and lecturers’ researches. Constructed on a 4.000 m2 area, the 2nd and 3rd floor are used as laboratories. 


Al-Istiqomah Mosque is located next to Rektorat building. Moslem students pray and do religious activities there. During Ramadan, this mosque is also used for taraweeh for the public. 

Swimming Pool

To support the students in water sports. For the last five years, UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur students consistently participate in regional, national, and international competition. Such as swimming and water polo. This pool is also open to the public.

Tennis Courts

Not many campuses in Surabaya have tennis courts. Therefore, UPN ‘‘Veteran’’ Jawa Timur’s tennis courts are often used for regional and national tennis competition. Other than that, students are encouraged to practice their skills and participate in competitions

Multipurpose Building (Giri Loka)

Students can use this building for any activities, mostly for student organizations’ events. Before using the building, students must confirm the schedule, submit the event proposal, and fill some forms. An event cannot use the building for five days in a row.