KISE Welcomed New Volunteers With Amazing Race Games

The Secretariat Office and International Affairs (KISE) held a welcoming party event to welcome new International Office volunteers batch 2. This event was held on September 10, 2022, at the KISE Office and used several areas in UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur. New volunteers could get to know the International Office more closely through this event and strengthen the team’s performance. New volunteers from all divisions attended this event. Volunteers and international students from Yaman were invited to participate in this event.

Unlike the commonly welcoming party, this event is packaged in an Amazing Race game. Participants will be walking through posts located in several UPN areas, and the participants must complete the missions. The Amazing Race game concept was chosen so that volunteers could get to know each other and strengthen teamwork. Through this Amazing Race game, KISE hopes this could be the first step for the new volunteers to build chemistry among each other, which will be helpful when working and creating a project. In addition, the participants were also delighted because they could explore UPN. One of the participants admitted that this was her first time exploring UPN.

The games it’s so fun! It’s my first time exploring UPN

Jasmine, International Student Support Division

I hope the International Office UPNVJT can spread its existence internally and externally at UPN. Hence, my expectations for International Office, by increasing its international students so that it can strengthen network relations between UPN and external agencies or voulnteers involved in UPNVJT

Kanesya, Event and Community Division

All new volunteers admitted they were delighted to be accepted as volunteers and hoped to develop themselves according to their respective fields. It should be noted that the International Office plays a crucial role in the Internationalization of the Campus. One of the internationalization processes of this campus is the presence of International students who study at UPN.

I hope the IO’s programs could spread more widely.

Galang Asa, Communication and Creative Media Division

Through the Welcoming Party event, he also hoped that it could increase the intimacy and solidarity between volunteers so that they could sharpen the team’s performance later. In addition, the presence of volunteers could help the International Office’s performance so that the target of campus internationalization can be achieved immediately.